W O R L D   P R A Y E R   C E N T R E

Brief: Time to Turn Booklet

The World Prayer Centre in Birmingham required a 32-page word document to be transformed into an A5 booklet for use at national prayer conferences. The theme of the booklet was all about ‘turning’ and about it now being the ‘right time’ for people in the UK to turn to God. There was a desire from the client to integrate a theme around cogs into the booklet. Practically, the booklet needed to break up large amounts of text in an engaging way, whilst also giving space for the reader to write down notes and personal reflections.

Client Testimonial:

“It was a delight to work with Richard to produce a 60 page prayer booklet to support a key campaign we were running. In particular, we appreciated Richard’s creative support. He helped us produce an eye-catching booklet which emphasised the key themes with a good selection of supporting images, whilst breaking up the script well and giving space for reflection and response. “Richard met some very tight deadlines and his turnover of material was really impressive. He was very supportive and helpful. He liaised with the printers on our behalf and ensured we got our product to the right place at the right time and the right quality! Richard made himself accessible and responded quickly to requests for information. The final product was high quality and moved us forward considerably, taking us to a new level of design and appearance.”
Steve Botham, World Prayer Centre

WPC Booklet Cover Mock Up

WPC Booklet Intro Spreads 3-4 mock up

WPC Booklet Spreads 11-12 mock-up

WPC Booklet spreads 21-22 mock up

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WPC Booklet spreads 49-50 mock up

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WPC Cover Spread